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New Release and Tour Dates

After a few months of hard work we're stoked to announce that on May 12 we're releasing a limited edition flexi with two brand new songs and a full US tour to support it. Pre sale link and full tour dates below. See you in May!๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š

Flexi Presale:

Tour Dates

**with Face to Face May 11 โ€“ Knitting Factory โ€“ Brooklyn, NY** May 12 โ€“ Once Ballroom โ€“ Somerville, MA** May 13 โ€“ House of Independents โ€“ Asbury Park, NJ** May 14 โ€“ Rock and Roll Hotel โ€“ Washington, DC** May 17 โ€“ Pubtime โ€“ Chicago, IL May 18 โ€“ The Beachwood โ€“ Des Moines, IA May 19 โ€“ Moeโ€™s BBQ โ€“ Denver, CO May 20 โ€“ Kamikazes โ€“ Ogden, UT May 21 โ€“ Shredder โ€“ Boise, ID May 22 โ€“ Victory Lounge โ€“ Seattle, WA May 23 โ€“ Twilight โ€“ Portland, OR May 24 โ€“ Sheaโ€™s Tavern โ€“ Reno, NV May 25 โ€“ Neck of the Woods โ€“ San Francisco, CA May 26 โ€“ Redwood โ€“ Los Angeles, CA May 28 โ€“ Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival โ€“ Las Vegas, NV June 1 โ€“ KickButt Coffee โ€“ Austin, TX June 2 โ€“ HiLo โ€“ Oklahoma City, OK June 3 โ€“ Memphis Punk Fest โ€“ Memphis, TN June 4 โ€“ The Milestone โ€“ Charlotte, NC June 23 โ€“ West Long Branch, NJ โ€“ The Brighton Bar w/ Nothington

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